China Prepares Massive 5G Network Rollout despite US Trade Ban Woes

China Prepares Massive 5G Network Rollout despite US Trade Ban Woes

The ongoing US-China trade conflicts are making headlines, and the same can be said about the US ban on Chinese technology brand Huawei. While the USA has banned the sale of Huawei devices in the US soil for technological invasion woes, China is not sitting idle. The sale of Huawei devices overseas has been hampered to an extent for the US ban though China thinks the allegations of snooping baseless. At the same time, the rollout of 5G networks in both the US and the UK got impacted since Huawei is a major supplier of 5G equipment. In the meantime, China is developing its 5G network, and it is reportedly ahead of most countries in that regard! While Verizon has rolled out its 5G network and other US carriers are following, they are behind the growth of China.

In October 2019, the Chinese telecom companies rolled out 5G services in over 50 Chinese cities, and that has made China ahead of many countries in the 5G race! Huawei has made almost 50% of the 5G network in China so far. As per the data obtained from the Chinese Ministry of Information, in only 20 days, 800,000 subscribers registered for 5G. The analysts think that by 2020, China is likely to have 100 million 5G Subscribers. The Chinese govt is also keen on establishing itself as a top player in 5G.

It is not only about offering 5G networks to Smartphone users in China. China’s tech sector is experimenting with the usage of 5G tech in other areas too! In a city of northern Hong Kong, the researchers are developing cutting edge autonomous vehicles powered by 5G tech. The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institution Researchers have tied up with China Mobile, for this purpose. They think 5G can be useful for making autonomous driving cars. Alex Mui, one of the researchers, said that 5G rollout would benefit both the consumers and the government. For Huawei, it is the opportunity to grow in the home turf at a time when the US ban shows no sign of receding.

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