YouTube's Terms of Service December Update can bother youtubers

YouTube’s Terms of Service December Update can bother youtubers

YouTube has already started to roll its terms of service for December 2019, which is undoubtedly going to raise a concern for most of the YouTubers. As per their new service policy, they are under no obligation to host or serve contents, which in simpler terms means the company is not bound to keep a video which they don’t want. This new video removal process has already faced a lot of criticism from all over the internet. While some critics wish to YouTube to a fully open platform, others are on behalf of the company.

YouTube is quite famous with their terms of services all the time, as of 2019, they have already changed it thrice. On the other hand, this particular update directly coincides with their yet another upcoming change by the new Federal Trade Commission guidelines for YouTube. News around the corner, it all revolves around with the 170 million USD fine that was charged against Google from FTC (Federal Trade Commission) for violating the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). YouTube has agreed that they are going to make the necessary changes, and the prior change we talked earlier is just a part of it.

While YouTube has become the primary source for income for thousands of people around the globe, this new video removal process is going to make their job riskier. There is going to be no certainty when their videos come down, and they can’t mainly do anything about it. While the same version of the rule way was always there in YouTube’s terms of services since 2018, this time, they have just changed the words to make their purpose clearer than ever. At the same time, YouTube is not completely changing how they work with creators or their rights to monetize. As of 2019, the choice is yours if you want to pursue a career on YouTube.

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